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As a result of the recall of CPAP, BiPAP, Non-Invasive and some Invasive ventilators by Philips-Respironics, there is currently a shortage of supply and increased demand for these medical equipment types.  In addition to this recall supply chain shortages of computer chips have resulted in supply chain factors and production of these types of medical equipment is in short supply.  As a result of these forces and factors, ResMed has placed it's customers on allowcation ordering and inventory availablity is 60-75% less than our ususal demand.  These allocations are negatively impacting on a national level with all medical equipmnet suppliers.  The impact of these allocations are causing significant time delays for individuals obtaining and replacing these medical equipment items.  All suppliers are dealing with these delays.

~ COVID19 Updates ~

01/18/2022: COVID19 Updates for High Plains Sleep Disorders Center.  Indoor mask mandates continue from The State of NM.  Mask requirements for our facility will remain based upon available national, regional and local factors including rate of spread and vaccination rates.  We will continue to see patients as they are scheduled, by appointment only, until further notice.  Normal operational business hours remain in affect.  We appreciate your cooperation and attention to these temporary guidelines, and look forward to returning to normal operations.  At this time, all persons entering our business are required to wear protective masks. 

Important Links to the New Mexico Department of Health for COVID19 information:

NM Dept of Health Home Page for COVID19

NM DOH COVID19 Self Screening Tool

~ Philips/Respironics Updates ~

January 18, 202:  On June 14, 2021 Philips/Respironics issued a Recall notice on CPAP, APAP, BiPAP and certain Ventilators that were manufactured before 04/2021, this is a recall in conjunction with FDA GMP and has to do with a noise abatement foam liner inside the machine that has been damaged and could be inhaled.  This is a very large recall  in terms of number of machines (approximate 4M machines at the time and now it has expanded to 5.2M) and at the time of this posting, there have been approximately 100 possibles harm cases.  It is believed that this damage may be accelerated by the use of ozone cleaners that are commercially available and widely marketing as "enriched oxygen" CPAP cleaners.  There have been studies by other companies (ResMed) that have demonstrated that the ozone can damage various internal components of CPAP machines.  It is the position of HPSDC that the use of these ozone cleaner machines should not be used & simply following the manufacturers cleaning guidelines is the best course of action.     

At this time, HPSDC has very limited number of machines that are involved in this recall (only 2 machines, 1 person with no harm) and none of those machines are currently used by patients at home.  Despite our limited direct impact by this recall, we do recognized that many patients and providers in our community may be impacted. As of the time of this recall, Philips is awaiting approval from the FDA on As a community service, we are providing the following information....

We suggest the following, first, if you are a patient and feel that you are impacted by this recall,

please call your DME provider and notify them of your concern. 

Secondly, please follow this link to register your machine as part of the recall

If you are unable to access this registration online, please call 877-907-7508,

Updates on this recall can be found at

A copy of the recalll notice can be found here

Forty million Americans suffer from chronic disorders that may make it difficult to fall asleep or maintain sleep. Many of these people suffer needlessly, simply because they are unaware that a problem exists.

Some sleep disorders increase the risk for hypertension, stroke, heart attack, injury, troublesome sleepiness, sexual dysfunction, and The National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates that 38,000 cardiovascular deaths due to sleep apnea occur annually.   

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